Sunday, March 8, 2015

Live Today...Love Today.... and I bet Tomorrow will be yours!!

                      It feels like a quote taken from some book or probably the simplest thing each one can do. You do live each meet people... you follow the usual routine at do all your duties and at night when you go to matter how perfect your day feel like you missed out missed the few good words of appreciation from your missed that pat from your friend which he always missed that innocent smile your siblings gave when they saw you home after work...and yes you did miss so many such precious gestures, emotions from the most treasurable people in your life. So did you actually LIVE that one day?

                          For me, each day given to us is a blessing from God. He expects us to make so many people happy, he expects us to vanish people’s worries by our kind gestures, he expects us to have a charming and positive attitude towards life no matter how much he fools us by bringing in wierd thoughts!! It is indeed just a little foolish game God plays with us when we are nervous. The negative thoughts, the fear, selfishness, jealousy all these are his weapons to simply judge and watch who wins over this battle and who literally gets fooled!!
So it all starts from the moment when you wake up every morning. Just look at yourself in the mirror and give the widest smile you can. Look at yourself and do the craziest things possible!!
                        Ohkay...i really mean it people......act like a kid....sway and your fingers...sing songs without thinking what people may comment about as if you are as if  this is the last day of your life....hug your loved ones like you never did.....break the for long hours....shout your name at the middle of the, live, have fun...and most importantly just give your best smile to each one you meet. 

                        Even imagining this, tempts and captivates you to live such a moment rather a actually bringing out yourself to be such a vivacious person would indeed be a blessing to each one around you.
What my funda for life is.....once you start enjoying your keeps bumping you to the things you love and sustains your smile forever!!Life itself thinks twice before hurting you.

    As it is said...
    “If you are alone,the world makes you feel alone..
     But if you are contented then the world simply looks forward to be with you!!”

                        At the moment, you may feel like jumping aloud with your friends and cracking the dumbest jokes ever...just do it!! In the midnight hour you may feel like a total freak and would want to dance to loud it! In the chilly cold weather your mouth may tempt you to have ice-cream..go for it..!! Or you may want to swim the deepest seas...don't miss it!
                      You know what...we all irrespective of what we portray ourselves to be, have this kind of feelings in heart...adventures you wished you accomplished!! You are just there...but not Exactly is that one moment when you listen to your heart and make it your decision rather than letting it be just a thought which crossed your mind!!
                  I still remember writing poems in the midnight hour, chatting with best friends about picnic plans  while exams were just round the corner, planning for your best friend’s birthday party and making scrap books even during exams, reading old messages and laughing hard, crying on your bad times yet smiling for those who made you overcome it, fighting with your sibling even  when you know they are right, wondering how you fell in love with the person whom you never thought about few months back and feeling lucky about how God somehow manages to make you believe in miracles when you keep saying that they don’t really exist.

               Life just comes once guys...if you feel like telling someone what you feel for them...go ahead....whatever the consequences maybe!!
              If you feel like crying loud because someone close hurted you...shout aloud....emote it out...scream and bang yourself ...just do it....and I bet you would feel like you have reborn again ‘coz indeed you get a chance to begin and give your life a rejuvenating start.
               For me, inspite of the fact that my passion totally contradicts with my profession... yes,  I do find time for things I love to do. And I believe there is always time to do, love and experience the happiness when you do something from the bottom of your heart for the person you love. So even though this city keeps you on your toes, with no matter tons of work over your head, give some time to think, feel and admire oneself ‘coz that is the time when you realise how beautiful your life is!!
               So why to make your future a “regret-album ” of your past...when you have a chance to make it an adventure ride for your future! 

 Live today...Love today... & I bet tomorrow will be yours!! :)


  1. i guess u have missed one midnight going to our dearest friend's home and pressing the calling bell till they wake up and just run and escape not letting them know who pressed the bell!!! :P :P: P

  2. Exquisite...!! Although i match a few attributes suggested back there, it does imbibe a whole great level of sense in me....... Well, its also really awesome that you now have a blog.... count me a regular viewer!! ;)

  3. yayyyyyyy!!m sooo happy!!!THIS is exactly the aura that makes you, YOU ,ash!!

  4. Ek number.... :) The article was very vivacious, Full of emotions and memories. It is a proof that tells, "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL".