Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My PASSION-Writing !!

Sometimes it so happens that you just don’t need anyone to tell you to do something...you do it because your heart finds happiness in it. And the best part...you hardly can refrain from it...trust me!! Such an addiction, love, craze, madness, attachment, passion, hobby whatever you say it, is writing and dance for me. It took me long years to realise it though, but when I did, I couldn’t stop loving myself even more because of that.
I remember those days, when I was just a year or two and still loved to hold a pen and scribble on the rough pages specially given to me for that purpose. So it all started that way...scribbling to substantial writing. I remember that day, being a 5 year old, was asked to give a farewell speech to the pass-out students on behalf of the pre-primary section. I was on top of the world! I had teachers and students all around me, and I rather felt like a celebrity.  

My father did help me with that speech but, no more did I want to rely on anyone for writing my part thus, I soon imbibed that quality in me and started writing no matter how bad it was.

I smile and recollect the times when, I used to complete my friends’ homework just because it consisted of essays and comprehensions. Few laughed, few criticised, while few were happy that their work was done...but most importantly I was super happy because I did something which I loved to do.

And later on, it led to the poems phase...where somehow I tried my hand on poetic lines and rhyme schemes. I agree it is really a tough job to write one and I consider myself just a very average person in it, but indeed the satisfaction you get after you write even a page is just not comparable to anything else in this world!

For me, a book and pen is my best companion. Paper is the place where my thoughts flow...my words append themselves and sentences just form like a thread from my mind. It’s as though there is no super power in this world which can stop me from writing. When you say there is no time for pursuing your passion, you in fact insult yourself by saying “You don’t find time to do what you like!” If you “don’t’” find time then that passion is “work”, not what you “love”. I write, when I’m happy and don’t know how and where to express it all. I write when I’m sad, when things don’t go well. I write when I’m confused,excited,upset,tensed and just all the time. Coz writing has always been the ray of hope when situations made me clueless. It has been a way of understanding me better and even better. The grief and sorrows always lessen when you yourself want to lessen it by doing things you love to.