Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rainbow after Rains :)

Just like the vibrant rainbow after heavy rains is soothing for each one of us to see, so is God's decision to our every sincere plea.
The beauty of a dawn can only be understood after the dusk, the innocence in his eyes can only be seen behind his mask.
I wondered why there were problems when God created us to lead happy lives. I wondered why there was sadness and suffering, when God loves all of us equally.
But then i realised, after every sadness comes a ray of happiness, after every problem comes a solution. What he really wants is hope and perseverance in heart!
I wondered why God made me dependent when he knew the person was going to leave me alone, i wondered why he made me trust on people when they betrayed for all the love i showed. But then i realised, only after struggling alone and feeling low did i find a way to be independent. Only after getting betrayed did i know to choose my friends. Only after being lost and ignored, did i realise how beautiful it feels to be strong, brave and independent.
God has a reason for all that he does. He knows the right and wrong for each one of us. We keep questioning and pestering him for every single worry that we have or may have. We always pray for the best things to happen in our life, why not start praying to give us the courage to fight the problems in our life.
The success after failure is always much more commendable than one which is got smoothly. Similarly, a life full of challenges is surely the one the generations to come would want to hear! Be a Hero! :)

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